Tutor Gatherings



In response to tutor requests, we have scheduled monthly tutor get-togethers. Please come for an easy-going get-together with fellow tutors to swap stories and ideas. 
A literacy specialist will be available to help with
any questions or concerns you may have.
Feel free to attend any or all of these gatherings.

Tutor Gatherings schedule

September 16, 2019    12-1 p.m.    LVWC Center, Westerly

October 28, 2019    12-1 p.m.    LVWC Center, Westerly

November 25, 2019    12-1 p.m.     Kingston Free Library, Kingston
January 27,
2020    12-1 p.m.    LVWC Center, Westerly
February 24,
    12-1 p.m.    Kingston Free Library, Kingston

March 30, 2020    12-1 p.m.     LVWC Center, Westerly       
April 27, 2020
    12-1 p.m.     Kingston Free Library, Kingston

ProLiteracy Tutor Training Modules

  • Basic Literacy Tutor Training Online Workshop

  • ESL Tutor Training Online Workshop

If you would like to take take this training,
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Tutor Resources

A great resource for downloadable, printable material for one-to-one, small group, or conversation class sessions.  Activities for seeking employment and visiting the doctor--and more.

Opening the Door to

Adult Literacy:

An interview with Marty Calanche

Why We Struggle Learning Languages  by Gabriel Wyner 

TEDx Talks
Published on Dec 18, 2017

Less May Be More:

Rethinking Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Training 

By Belzer, A. (2006).
Journal of Literacy Research, 38(2), 111-140. doi:10.1207/s15548430jlr3802_1

General information/overview regarding English language learners and general best practices when working with this population.

Though, there is "no right way" to run an ESL conversation class, this website provides ideas regarding conversation
topics, grammar help, correcting mistakes and more

from an experienced educator.

This user-friendly Toolkit provides a variety of materials
to help practitioners meet the language and literacy development needs of the adult learners they serve.

National Center for Family Literacy and Center for Applied Linguistics (2008). Practitioner toolkit: Working  with Adult English language learners. Louisville, KY, & Washington, DC.

One stop shopping for links to materials for academic, workplace, and 21st-century (digital, financial, health) competencies.

This handbook has been developed to provide new English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors with an overview of adult education and an introduction to strategies, processes, and methods for providing effective instruction. This handbook is not designed to be comprehensive – rather, it is designed to be an initial orientation and a basis for further discussion and exploration.

Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019

Resources for the Adult Educator from ProLiteracy

The Notebook is a ProLiteracy publication for the adult educator containing lesson plans and ideas for English language learners, adult basic education, math, and life skills.

Literacy Volunteers of Washington County 

Tower Street School Community Center

93 Tower Street, Units 25 & 26, Westerly, RI  02891

(401) 596-9411