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Citizenship Information

united states citizenship immigrant
united states citizenship immigrant
united states citizenship immigrant
united states citizenship immigrant
united states citizenship immigrant
Krueger Audio
Carl Krueger Immigration Lawyer Dorcas

LVWC Executive Director Mary Carol Kendzia introducing Carl Krueger, an immigration lawyer from Dorcas International.

Dorcas International

Citizenship and immigration services.

Immigration Lawyer Questions & Answers

Immigration lawyer Carl Krueger from Dorcas International came to answer people's citizenship and immigration questions on January 11 at the Westerly Library.

Krueger Audio Jan 11 2023Carl Krueger
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Helpful Citizenship Links


Naturalization Eligibility Tool

Before you begin the application for naturalization (N-400), answer a few questions to see if you are eligible to apply to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization. 

These questions are solely intended to help you determine whether you may be eligible to submit the Application for Naturalization (N-400). This tool does not determine if you are actually eligible for citizenship. After you submit your application, USCIS will review your information and determine if you are eligible for citizenship through naturalization.

united states citizenship immigrant

100 Civics Questions (2008 Version)

The USCIS will no longer require the 2020 version of the citizenship questions. They will use the 2008 version.

US Citizenship Podcast

This is a great site for preparing for the interview. Contains mock interview scripts and videos.

USA Learns

Learn beginning and intermediate English for free; includes an online citizenship class.

Progreso Latino

Immigration services.

Government Links and Forms

American Flag on Pole united states citizenship immigrant

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services Homepage

Application for Naturalization 

N-400 Form Instructions 

N-400: Annotated Form and Translations

YouTube Videos

USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test

Civics Questions (2018 Version)

N-400 Vocabulary 

Writing Test Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

English Speaking Practice for Interview

The Channel offers the latest and most up to date study materials to help you pass the US Citizenship Test.
We will cover the N-400 application, 100 Official USCIS Civics Questions & Answers, English Reading & Writing tests, Vocabulary definitions, Tips & more to pass. 

Chinese and Spanish YouTube Channels

These YouTube channels help native Spanish and Chinese speakers understand and learn important vocabulary, civics questions, and other important information for the citizenship exam. Sometimes it is helpful to learn the material in one's native language and then learn it in English. 

Estudiando Con Fernando

 小小茵子 (Little Yinzi)

美国公民考试-马老师US Citizenship Test - Teacher MA

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