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Resources for Tutors

The resources on this page are for tutors. It contains ProLiteracy tutor training modules, articles and TESOL training information. It also contains useful websites and lessons that require a tutor to implement. It is a great place to look for lesson ideas. 

There are more websites and activities on our Resources Page, which are recommended for both tutors and students. Many of which students can use independently.

Download our new and updated tutor handbook

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ProLiteracy Resources & Training

Please watch this video first before entering the ProLiteracy Member Portal

Literacy Volunteers of Washington County are members of ProLiteracy, a national literacy organization. Students and tutors have access to the learning and training resources under LVWC's membership.

If you need help logging into ProLiteracy, please call our office to schedule an appointment, and we can help you. 

English Pronunciation References

These videos can help you help your students with troubling pronunciation problems

Volunteer Tutor Training Handbook

This handbook, from Literacy Action of Central Arkansas, is an excellent resource with practical and useful information, tips, and ideas

Tutor Tips

Seven tips for teaching ESL to complete beginners

How to Teach ESL:
Differences for Children and Adults

Free Online Books

Book List

A Goodreads ESL booklist created by an ESL professor for her adult English language learners.

Websites and Ideas for Tutors

“Bag of Rocks”: A Story to Help Address Mental Health with English Language Learners

The activity shared here is a modified version of a lesson from the Virginia
Adult Learning Resource Center Health Literacy (VALRC) Toolkit. Called “Bag
of Rocks Lesson,” it is geared toward ELLs. However, you may find it helpful
in other class settings as well. You could incorporate the lesson into any class
time related to health. 

Teacher Resources from Gemma

"To help teachers, mentors and readers get the most of out the book experience we have developed a collection of teaching resources."

TalkPath News from Lingraphica

TalkPath News is your online news source for individuals who need help reading, listening or comprehending the daily news. Use via web or download their app for iPhone/iPad.

BINGO! Teaching Consonant Blends to Basic Literacy Students

Here’s a way to use the beloved game of bingo to reinforce consonant blend sounds from ProLiteracy Notebook.

ESOL Courses

Free online teaching and learning platform. They publish free online self-study lessons for English students and resources for English language teachers/tutors.

Lanternfish ESL Adult Activities

A great resource for downloadable, printable material for one-to-one, small group, or conversation class sessions.  Activities for seeking employment and visiting the doctor—and more.

The Library of ELA Lesson Plans

The materials in this Virtual Library of Lesson Plans are for ELA instructors to use and/or adapt in their classroom teaching. 


Welcome to the English section of the Internet Second Language Collective, an international community of more than a million ESL/EFL language teachers sharing self-made language teaching materials. You will need to create a free account/login.

Intermediate Vocabulary Lessons 

North Carolina ABE instructors wrote the vocabulary lessons presented using Tier 2 words for their intermediate level adult students. These lessons are provided to help you in planning efficient and effective vocabulary instruction. Please read Vocabulary Instructions document first.

Newcomers Almanac

This is a collection of back issues from 2007-2019.  Each almanac comes with articles, a crossword puzzle, and other activities. Answer key included.

Really Learn English

This site offers some free resources for learning English that may be helpful for tutors to use. 

Real English®

An online video library of spontaneous dialogues of people interviewed on the streets of English-speaking countries, organized according to grammatical, and functional criteria used in the interactive exercises.

Rachel's English

This page contains videos to help with English pronunciation. Videos are listed by vowels, diphthongs, consonants, intonation, linking, rhythm, stress, and conversation.

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