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Who We Are

Literacy Volunteers of Washington County is a nonprofit organization offering free literacy programs in reading, writing, and speaking English to adults in Washington County and Southeastern CT. Our focus is on helping adults to achieve their individual goals, whether applying for citizenship, getting a better job, going to college, or simply being able to better communicate with others. Our volunteers assist Adult Basic Education learners (native speakers of English) and English as a Second Language learners. Literacy Volunteers began as as Westerly Public Library outreach program in 1982. By 1988, LVWC had developed its own bylaws, Board of Directors, and become incorporated. In 1991, LVWC received 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Mary Carol Kendzia


Mary Carol Kendzia

Theresa Gregal
Barbara Heuer

Literacy Specialist

Barbara Petty Heuer

Ling Springer

Bilingual Literacy Coordinator–Chinese

Ling Springer

Literacy Specialist

Theresa Gregal
401-596-9411 (office)
401-326-2566 (voicemail or text)


Board of Directors


Robin E. Springborn



Margaret Stamatis

Vice President


Janell Hayes Bruno



Stephen K. Lynner


David R. Bailey

Anne Driscoll

Mary Beth Keefe



Advisory Council


Keri Brenner

Rev. Sunil K. Chandy

Anne Earle

Mary Goodman

Andrew Nathan

Tom Reycraft

Justin J. Stevenson


Literacy Specialists
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