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Get Started as a Tutor

What to do:

1. Complete and submit the Tutor Registration form

2. Meet with a literacy specialist for a consultation to talk more about what we do and how you can help

3. Get matched with an adult learner

That's it!

Want to register as a tutor?

Browse through our Tutor Handbook to learn more about being a tutor for LVWC

Helping others
Amanda Chau Wei.JPG

Paul, Tutor of the Year 2024, talks about his experience with Literacy Volunteers.

We asked Paul to talk about his experience tutoring with us. Paul started in September in 2019. He helped out with conversation classes, then was matched with an adult learner who he has been working with ever since. Paul has logged in over 300 tutor hours with us so far. Thank you, Paul, for all you do!

Characteristics of
Effective Tutors



Understanding and Respect



Realistic Expectations


Sense of Humor



Organizational Skills


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